Men of Montreal – Roomies Bare It All

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This was Cedrick Dupuy’s first time shooting porn with a partner. So, for the occasion, he wanted to hook up with his roomie, Sonny Stewart, as they are occasional fuck buddies and his presence would be a reassuring one for his first time. When they both arrived for the shoot, the guys wanted to take advantage of one of the first mild and sunny days of spring. Indeed, after a very cold winter, Montreal is awakening as the snow is almost all gone, the birds have returned, the maple trees are flowing with sap and the sun is warming the northern air. People were out and about after months of interior living.Before shooting the scene, we went out and took some pics in a nearby city park and tattered car port. The guys were randy and getting excited fondling each other and showing some skin out in public.Upon our return to the loft though, Cedrick and Sonny were eager to get into each other’s shorts. For this shoot the guys wanted to fuck as they do at home, and as they do only with each other, that is doing it bare. So, they went at it and Sonny took the driver’s seat, topping his roomie with his 7.5 inch cut cock. You could tell that these guys were in familiar territory as the chemistry between the them was tangible throughout the shoot. Cedrick was the first to shoot as his buddy Sonny was fucking him. Quite the load came gushing out of his sizeable cock. Sonny shot quickly after him, mixing his equally huge load of jizz with Cedrick’s as they kissed intently.


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Marko L.

Men of Montreal – Taking Turns

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Kyle Champagne has been quite busy these past couple of months traveling back to France for a bit then starting his own landscaping and cleaning company here in Montreal’s suburbs. But he was able to find time to hook up with Marko Lebeau. Sporting a new lumber sexual look, he arrived on this early spring day riding his new racer motorcycle. Marko and Kyle had a good time catching up, Kyle talking about his new business while Marko was explaining him new training regimen. It wasn’t long though that they were more than ready to shed formalities, and their clothes, and just get down for a hot good time. After some mutual cock sucking action, Marko was the first one to pierce his partner’s hole. Kyle was ready and eager and loved getting plowed. Marko, on the other hand, took a bit more time accustoming his hole to Kyle’s large and downward bent raging cock.Marko was the first to shoot his load and spurted his love juice all over Kyle’s face and beard. Shortly after, Kyle let out a load of cum that flew out of his dick in every direction. All was good in this team up as the two headed to the showers after they wrapped it up.

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Marko L.

Men of Montreal – Derek Thibeau’s Erectile Assistance Plan

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You’ve heard of Roadside Assistance plans when you purchase a new car, well here we introduce a new concept: Erectile Assistance Plan! Otherwise known in the past (before the advent of Viagra), as a fluffer, porn shoots have often called upon different erectile aids to help models ‘get it up’ when the artificial environment of a porn set takes over, and nerves are just too frayed to override ones inner-horniness.

Derek Thibeau had done a solo for us once last year. And, he recently let Marko know that he was up for another solo shoot, if MoM was interested. Since his first solo had gone well, Marko was more than please to bring this hot muscular 6’3′ MMA fighter in for a second round.Derek was nervous though even if this was his second time around the block. You can tell when, during the interview with Marko at the beginning of the shoot, his legs were fidgeting around while he tried to look relaxed…

When Derek started his j/o, he was nervous and struggling to get comfortable. His dick wasn’t very responsive either. So Marko being the nice guy he his, offered Derek a helping hand, or should we say, a helping tongue. That seemed to do the trick as Derek popped a boner that wouldn’t quit afterwards. His 8′ of fat uncut cock struck a sky pointing hard on that never looked back.

It was now self-evident that Derek had become quite relaxed. In fact, during the photo shoot, so comfortable was he, that he ventured as far offering us a demonstration of what his training routine has produced… a fully flexible body. He gave us a fine looking ass while producing an awesome leg split! We asked if this flexibility extend to his ability to self-suck, but alas such is not the case.

Derek seemed quite comfortable getting his dick worked on by another dude too. He even told us that he would be willing to take this further in the near future… music to our ears! So sit back and watch Derek go where this man has never gone before!


Marko L.


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We haven’t seen Alec Leduc in a couple of months as he’s been busy studying full time. So, when we got him in for this scene he was more than ready to get his rocks off. Even though Alec has become a talented bottom, he was hooking up with an even bigger bottom, Samuel Stone. Samuel was pretty hungry for some cock and Alec’s stiff prick was exactly what he needed to release all his pent up sexual hunger.

Alec arrived early so he decided to rest for a few minutes. But, Samuel had other plans and he just stripped down to a t-shirt and let his bone-hard dick get some air. He dove into bed with Alec and gave him a delectable cock sucking before offering up his asshole for a good riding.

Men of Montreal – Pounding Brandon’s Ass

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We know very well that Brandon Jones loves to get his ass pounded. Hence the term power bottom is often associated with him. But, we were wondering how he would handle Mam Steel’s 9 inches of fat cock. Well, the answer lies in this scene.

Mam loves it when a guy takes his horse meat like a champ. And after some extended mutual cocksucking, he got his wish. Brandon delivered his ass like a pro. First, a nice ass fingering, then a very strong handed pounding.

Check it out!

Marko L.

Campus Jock 2015: Vote for Montréal’s Hottest Male Stripper!

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Men of Montréal Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Campus Bar Contest “Campus Jock 2015”



In partnership with Montréal’s Campus Bar male strip club, is celebrating its second anniversary by launching Campus Jock 2015, a competition to choose Montréal’s hottest male stripper.

Starting February 19th, 10 of Campus Bar’s hottest male dancers will be competing live in weekly performances in the hopes of winning the title:  “Campus Jock 2015”. The performances will subsequently be streamed for members of who will be able to cast their votes for their favorite dancers. The first feed will be available on the site Monday, February 23rd and members will be able to watch and cast their vote for their favorite performer.

“Campus Bar has been a real friend and steady provider of hot guys for our site. What better way to thank them than to create an event to showcase their dancers and offer contenders a chance to win a title worth thousands of dollars in cash and prizes,” said Marko Lebeau, owner of Men of Montréal.

The Campus Jock competition will take place every Thursday night at Campus Bar for four weeks, from February 19th to March 12th. The contestants will each give two performances, one that will feature their talent, and the other that will showcase their goods. A stream of the performances will be available in the members area of starting the following Monday. Members will then be able to vote for their favorite dancers.

The bottom contestant will be eliminated each week for the first two weeks of the competition. During week three, the bottom two jocks will be eliminated. The final round will feature the three remaining finalists as they compete to become Campus Jock 2015.

Porn actors and power couple, Brandon Jones and Samuel Stone, will host the event over the four week period. They will announce the winner of the Campus Jock 2015 on Sunday, March 15th live at the bar. Simultaneously, the winner will be announced on Men of Montréal’s Twitter account and Facebook page. The following day, the winner from Sunday night will be announced on

“We are very pleased to provide our member’s with this feast of eye candy!” stated Marko Lebeau. Among the 10 contenders, Men of Montréal members will recognized some familiar faces from the site, but most contestants will be never-seen before new faces. is a partner site of the award-winning Buddy Profits Affiliate Program. “This is a great way to mark Men of Montréal’s second anniversary and we at Buddy Profits are pleased to assist in presenting this contest. Montréal is known for its hot men, and this event won’t disappoint,” said Hector Camacho, Managing Director of Buddy Profits.



How Does It Work?

It all begins on February 19, 2015, with 7 contenders, for a period of 4 weeks!

Every Thursday night, live at 9:30 p.m. EST at Campus Bar in Montréal, the contenders will compete for the title of Campus Jock 2015 by performing two 3-4 minute shows. The first performance will showcase their talent, while the second will feature their goods!

The performances will then be available to stream on and members will have a chance to vote every week for their favorite performer. The first feed will be available on Monday, February 23 and will be available for a full week until the next week’s performance replaces it.

How Many Competitors Are There?

There are 10 contestants and, every week, some will be eliminated:

Week One – From 7 initial contestants, two will be eliminated
Week Two – One more contender will be voted out
Week Three – Two contenders will fall
Week Four – The three remaining finalists will compete for the title

How Do I Vote?


Once the performances are available on you can check out all the GUYS and you can cast your vote for your favorite Jock. You can only vote once per week.


Sexy Stud Horseback riding

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Last weekend, while shooting Alec Leduc’s scene with newcomer Samuel Arseneau, we took this sexy shot of Alec riding Judy the mare. In the background is Tucson the Buck, Judy’s dedicated sidekick!! Hot man!

Today’s New Hottie Samuel Arseneau

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here is a sexy pic of this hot newcomer…

Men of Montréal at Remington’s 20th Anniversary in Toronto

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Hey guys. if you are in Toronto next weekend (June 13-16, don’t miss our event at Remington’s to mark the club’s 20th anniversary. Our guys Marko Lebeau, Christian Power, Ivan Lenko and Félix Brazeau will be performing as Gladiators!! Come check it out!!

Felix gets Fucked for the first time. Alexy does the honors!

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Hot. Take it all in Félix…